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Tuition course with the Lam family, Hongkong March 2010

As during the last five years, this year in March as well, Jan Hrankay and one of his students went for a tuition course for several weeks in Hong Kong. Everyday lessons, usually several hours long, led by Lam family members and older students of Grandmaster Lam Cho, helped to improve skills in the style of Lam Ga Hung Kuen once again.

It was also pleasant to see the two-months-old son of Lam Chun Sing sifu. It was very interesting and nice to see  three generations of family Lam, while the age difference between the youngest and oldest members is a hundred years. It will not be easy to forget the sight of the kind grandfather, Lam Cho sigung, who was gently caressing his youngest grandson.

Jan Hrankay and his student were also personally invited to celebrate 100 days of the birth of the youngest Lam family member. Celebration and gung fu exhibition was held in a London restaurant in Hong Kong.

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